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Silver & Black Flower Vase / Candleholder

Silver & Black Flower Vase / Candleholder

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Every handmade flower vase is absolutely a unique masterpiece. This item can be used as a flower vase and/or a candleholder with pillar candles. Show off your beautiful flowers in this hand-designed flower vase. This is a luxurious statement for your coffee table décor, housewarming, or gift idea. This flower vase will make a stunning accent in any home or event décor, wedding center piece and more . . .
  • Hand-designed
  • Height 11.25 inches
  • Top opening 3.25 inches
  •  Hand-designed

  • Glass

  • Silver-tone flower wrap

  • Black rhinestones

  • Black pedestal
  • Height: 11.25 inches
  • NOT MACHINE WASHABLE -Clean with mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge. Anything abrasive may scratch the finish of the vase.
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